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Company Profile

All Time was founded in 2002 with a facility located in Shanghai, China, approximately 40 mins drive away from the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The company is solely owned by ALL FIT ENGINEERING LTD. in Hong Kong, which has been distributing and servicing world leading welding equipment since 1990. Core business of All Time is to manufacture engineered components, assemblies and fully integrated systems for specific welding requirements. The All Time engineering team possesses extensive skills and expertise in applying automatic welding in various fields, such as:

  • Site storage tank erections
  • Pipe spools fabrications
  • Offshore cylindrical structure fabrications
  • Heat Exchanger Header fabrications
  • Thin wall tanks & cylinders productions
  • Rolls & plates surfacing
  • Pole productions

The All Time engineering team possesses extensive skills and expertise backed up strong experience in applying automatic welding in various fields.


In the tradeoff between highly automated processes for productivity plus superior quality and the cost-effectiveness of practical traditional methods, we strike the balance with simple automatic solutions for maximum flexibility.

Ever since the foundation of All Time we have kept searching for simple and cost-effective ways to automate various welding applications. Our objective is to save valuable production time and improve quality without making the job complicated.

We feel the best answer is to utilize our experience with various welding processes and positioning equipment to develop welding systems with a modular design concept that can be configured to suit different needs.

We are able to provide high-capacity, top-quality welding solutions in MIG/MAG and Tandem MIG, single, Tandem and Tri-Arc SAW, plasma and TIG processes with hot or cold wire. Heavy duty SAW with automated Tandem or Triple arc SAW welding with Column and Boom are available for steel plate constructions or tubular parts, both longitudinal and circumferential welding are supported.

Integration to All Time Weld Control system and electromechanical or laser line based optical seam tracking ensures high welding quality.

Besides our own efforts in research & development, we also embrace incorporating the technical ideas of others into our equipment.