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Automatic Vertical Welder

ALL TIME Vertical Welders Features

  • Adopts EGW (Electro Gas Welding) process for high speed carbon steel vertical welding with FCAW (Flux Cored Arc Welding) Process option for alloy steel vertical welding
  • Lightweight travel carriage, self-propelled, weatherproof, fully contained operators cabin which allows safe access to the weld joint and easy set up and install
  • Lightweight Aluminum track, quick mount electro magnets , easy assembly and disassembly;
  • Real time monitoring of arc and automatic control of weld pool level, welding gun position and automatic adjustment of electrical stick out;
  • Sequence control in “Auto mode” to allow one button startup.  
  • Onboard- self-contained continuous water cooling system
  • Fully integrated with LINCOLN electric welding systems as standard (other welding systems on client’s request)
  • SEW drive system for reliable and steady travel 
  • Different standard configurations for site erected Bottom Up and Top Down erected storage tanks or heavy wall cylindrical structures (eg. towers, blast furnace).

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