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Automatic Girth Welder

The girth welder is an automatic welding machine that straddles the tank plate and is used to complete a tanks circumferential weld joints. It’s typically used in a single or double sided configuration. In the single sided configuration one operator is required and welding on one side of the joint occurs. In the double sided configuration two operators are required and welding occurs simultaneously on both sides of the weld joint. 

Use of girth welders will offer increases of productivity of by up to 10 times as opposed to manual completion and with the additional benefit of improved weld quality.


ALL TIME Girth Welders Features

  • Fully integrated with LINCOLN electric submerged arc welding systems as standard (other welding systems on client’s request).
  • Twin SEW motors drive system for reliable and steady weld travel .
  • Inverter control for accurate speed adjustment. 
  • Fully adjustable weld head/ flux belt assembly.
  • Precision machined slides ensure correct weld placement.
  • Laser pointer to ensure correct tracking of the weld head in the circumferential seam.
  • Powerful, reliable and efficient blower type vacuum flux recovery system.
  • Flux heater option to keep flux away from moisture. 
  • Sequence control in “Auto mode” to allow one button startup.
  • Integrated control with cooling for reliable operation in high temperature environment.
  • Ergonomically positioned for the operator
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