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Manual Buggy / Platform

All Time MB manual buggy / rolling platform is a handy solution for different operations during tank erection (eg. Plate erection, Joint set up and preparation ,Manual welding, Installation and removal of tank fittings and jewelry etc.) Supported off the top shell of the tank, the manual platform provides the operator access to both horizontal and vertical joints on the tank shell plates, which improves the effectiveness for preparation, cleaning and repairs without the use of scaffolds. B

Built for last and safety with fully enclosed & meshed steel frame structures, the buggies prevent loss of tools and associated hazards while working at heights.

Chain pulley allows a single operator to easily maneuver the unit into places manually along the tank circumference. Swivel drive wheels for easy rolling on various tank diameters. Unique design folds flat or comes in bolt on sections for effective shipping and storage.

The manual buggy can be customized to users' needs and can easily configured for single or double sided operation (eg. MB-I, MB-II) based on All Time's modular design principles.

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