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Jacking System

We've designed a hydraulic jacking system with the flexibility to lift storage tanks of different capacities and weights that are compatible to various manual or automatic welding methods adopted by tank contractors across the globe.  

We can handle the largest tank projects and we can do it safety with maximum saving of time. 

Our jacks are mounted securely on the floor and using the massive cylinder as a beam, will support the structure even in higher wind loads.

Each All Time HLD jacking module has it's own hydraulic pump and reservoir. They  are linked to a central control that commands all aspects of the jacking operation.

Each standard HLD jacking module with 2 cylinders is capable of lifting 50,000 kg, which allows fewer jacks to raise a tank, it is designed with a large clearance from the tank shell that gives the workers extra room to quickly insert plates.

In operation, the cylinders are attached to the wall, the control loads the jack manually, or automatously via the addition of a PLC unit, then lift the structure holding tolerance within 2mm.

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