In recent years, many fabricators are re-evaluating their work flow and plant layout to improve productivity, trying to increase the percentage of joint to be welded in shop to utilize the quality and productivity advantage brought by in-position mechanized welding. Such approach by rotating the work piece typically requires a range of positioning equipment such as turning rolls, head & tail stock, manipulators, with specially designed tools in case work pieces with asymmetrical configurations (elbows, flanges) are required to be welded. 

All Time APW is a fully automated work cell developed specially for industrial pipe prefabrication, it enables sub-assemblies to be prepared and welded from basic components (pipes, flanges, elbows, etc…) in the workshop fora variety of industrial sectors:

  • Shipbuilding and offshore platform
  • Chemical and food pressing plants
  • Gas expansion and distribution stations 
  • Refineries and power plants

The APW integrates tacking system, control, manipulator, positioner to adopt 1 or more arc welding processes (TIG, PAW, MIG, SAW…) in a completely dedicated package that produces high quality full penetration welds up to 5 times faster than manual welding. 

Configured for easy setup and operation, the work cell can process spools from 4”- 48”and up to 48’ in length.  


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