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A manipulator consists of a base and vertical column. The column rotates 360 degrees around the vertical axis. A saddle travels up and down the vertical column, carries a boom that travels in and out along the horizontal. Welding head with different weld gears for TIG, MIG or SAW can be mounted on either ends of the boom and located to the desired position for welding.

For heavy duty or precision welding, it is singularly the most versatile piece of equipment directly associated with automatic welding.  It is designed to duplicate the function of a man, as related to welding, but it can carry out these functions on distance and weight scales that man alone cannot approach. When mounted on a travel car, it also movers along the shop, performing a variety of welding functions at the various stops. 

ALL TIME Manipulator Features

  • I and Box Beam column and boom construction yields the best values of structural properties
  • Twin boxes saddle structure to minimize deflection
  • Alloy steel wear resistant guide way 
  • Anti-fall device for safety 
  • Precise inverter drive control boom travel 
  • Integrated PLC control for sequencing
  • All in one control pendant for easy operation
  • 4WD power travel cars on floor mounted rails to provide steady linear movement
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