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Turning Rolls

All Time turning rolls are used throughout all industries worldwide to ease the fabrication and assembly of cylinders, pipes, tanks and pressure vessels of all types and dimensions.

All Time Turning Rolls improve the productivity and weld quality of either automatic or manual welding by increasing arc time, minimizing handling and need for crane usage. They allow operators complete control of rotation and welding speed to produce code quality welds consistently.

All Time ‘s standard line of turning rolls offer capacities from 1 to 300 tons.


  • Polyurethane build on rollers with strong compressive strength and heat resistance to absorb shock and cushion seams during welding.
  • Hardened steel rollers are provided for specific elevated temperature and heavy load applications
  • Over load discs on rollers option to prevent overloads led tires damage
  • Adjustable rollers spacing for different part diameters
  • Custom made worm gears feature steel case to absorb loads.
  • Precision frame with end members to prevent uneven floors to distort wheel alignment
  • Standard interface to All Time equipment for sequencing
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