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Gantry Welder

All Time Welding Gantry is a steel structure that rides on two rails with power drive on one or both sides through a wheel and rail friction drive. The system is designed for making longitudinal welds on parts that are placed underneath the gantry and between the gantry travel rails.

It can be configured for longitudinal welds with various weld joint configuration


  • Carries up to 10T of welding apparatus such as multiple heavy-duty weld heads and a large quantity of consumables in drums
  • Weld length capacity is only limited by the length of the rails
  • Fixed position, manual or power adjustable posts to assure the exact height selection for the job
  • A wide range of accessories options such as manual or motorized slides, torch height trackers, torch mounting groups, wire feeder’s mountings, positioner encoders, speed indicators.
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