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Integrated Control

For automated welding systems, there is an increasing demand for greater welding process control due to the need to improve quality and consistency of production. Accordingly, All Time offers a range of individual  controls or a combinations of controls that are compatible with our welding positioners, which allow operators to have all automated equipment control functions at their fingerprint.

  • Relay System Control
    Consists of relays controlling discrete functions and independent loop controllers controlling analog functions.
  • PLCs
    Typically paired with a human-machine interface (HMI) for visualization and alarming, it handles a very high speed I/O, sequencing, PID control, digital and analog I/O.
  • IPCs
    Runs on PC platforms with advantage to run the HMI application on the same machine as the automation program and reduce cost. 

Selection of the right control system depends on many variables such as budget, size, complexity and future expansion, All Time's engineering team assist clients in making the correct decision for a project based on the requirements. Our standard product range of positioners, controls plus the addition of other accessories enables us to provide you integrated systems as turnkey solutions.


Selected All Time system controls are designed to integrate with Lincoln Welding Systems featuring digital communications via DeviceNet and ArcLink specifically designed for the arc welding environment.

Integrated Control
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