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IoT Enables Control

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), also known as the Industrial Internet, brings together critical assets, advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics, and modern industrial workers. It is the network of a multitude of industrial  devices connected by communications technologies that results in systems that can monitor, collect, exchange, analyze, and deliver valuable new insights like never before. These insights can then help drive smarter, faster decision-making for industrial companies.

Instead of connection applications together up the “Automation Stack”, all of your data gets published to a broker where other applications can subscribe this data. It’s no longer a chain connection requiring extension engineering at every layer. It’s a hub and spoke model where new devices can be bought online automatically simply by pointing the device to the broker.



Operating logic


Through PLC/CNC and related communication protocols (Ethernet /ARCLINK/DEVICENET, etc.), the integrated system can communicate with the Bus of Lincoln digital welder, at the same time, it can communicate with the analog data acquisition of general Lincoln power source to realize the real-time data communication between each other and achieve the real-time monitoring and online programming of welding process. It also can upload production data to work station - by connecting with enterprise production process execution system (such as MES).


Implementation of communication


With a cable, WIFI or 4G,IoT netcard onsite , IoT gateway can communicate with  PLC. Through the IoT gateway and the corresponding All Time monitoring software, it can realize welding parameters remote monitoring by remote computer and mobile phone. This system can collect the welding parameters on analog welder or digital welder. It can realize the remote monitoring, setting and management of equipment status and operation data, and the remote fault diagnosis.


Realizable functions of IoT monitoring


Data remote monitoring: can achieve the welding parameters and equipment running state monitoring and remote parameter setting in the remote computer and mobile phone terminal.

Data storage:
Welding parameters can be stored in the cloud or U disk or downloaded to the remote PC terminal. During the welding process, the welding parameter data is stored in the cloud server in real time. The data can be downloaded to the PC and exported through the USB flash drive.

Historical data query: The worker can query the historical data of the device (in 6 months) and export the data remotely. Historical data can be used for analysis, view and processing purposes, which is convenient for welding parameter recording and equipment management.

Alarm information management of equipment: it can push alarm information of equipment by SMS in time, and check alarm records of equipment, which is convenient for equipment maintenance.

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IoT Enables Control
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